In November 2014 enterprising joiner Alan MacPherson purchased Tanera Camans from TS Hattersley and Son in Manchester and began making shinty sticks near Inverness in the early spring.
Tanera Camans was started by Billy MacLean in Fort William in the 1980s. Tanera soon became a trusted brand of sticks which were used throughout the game.
Phillip Nolan and his son Colin bought over Tanera Camans in the mid 90s and the company continued to trade out of Fort William, with a continuing reputation for solid, versatile sticks which were used throughout the sport.
Tanera Camans was then sold to Eccles-based TS Hattersley and Son, a business manufacturing lacrosse sticks in 2005. At peak production, Hattersley is believed to have been responsible for around two-thirds of all the shinty sticks manufactured in the UK.
The shinty stick side of the operation was put up for sale in October 2014 on the retirement of master craftsman Thomas Beckett after 50 years of service. Caman production stopped at the Lancashire business in December. 
As Tanera Camans was offered for sale, Hattersley's company director Matthew Rigby said: "The shinty business is a small but profitable business and we are making around 1,000 sticks per annum. But I believe the market opportunity is bigger than this."
Alan MacPherson spotted just such an opportunity  - and his wish to build on his own prior work developing modern one-piece ash camans. 
Alan grew up in the village of Kiltarlity, and learned to play and love shinty as a young boy in the village, and at Tomnacross Primary School before becoming an important player for Lovat Shinty Club. A member of their 2014 MacTavish Cup winning squad, Alan prides himself on trying to make sticks which can suit all styles of play and players.
Tanera Camans are now the stick of choice for players in the Marine Harvest Premiership and beyond, and whilst no shinty stick can be guaranteed in the rigour and heat of the Clash of the Ash (or American Hickory as is the case now), Alan has applied rigorous testing to find the best manufacturing techniques to ensure a quality product.
Tanera Camans are a quintessential Highland product, crafted in the heart of the Highlands with care and attention from the best possible materials, to provide the modern day shinty player, young and old, attacker or defender, with the finest implement with which to practice his or her craft on the field of play.
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