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Shinty Camans


Available to order as Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Forward position.


Stick length in inches measured from the ground to the top of the players hip or belly button.


Goalie Caman - £70

48 Inch Caman - £70 

46 Inch Caman - £65

42 Inch Caman - £65

38 Inch Caman - £55

30 Inch Caman - £50

21 Inch Caman - £40

12 Inch Caman - £25


All our sticks are handmade here in the Highlands of Scotland and only available to buy direct from us.




Shinty Balls


Our PRO Shinty balls are offically approved and used in many top flight games priced at £6 each, for larger orders please email for a quote.


NEW PRO ball design for added visibility in the air. Our PRO balls will always retain shape have a 100% waterproof inner core and wrapped in real cow hide.


We also offer a practice rebound ball available in luminous pink and luminous yellow priced at £4 each.


NEW Play Shinty Ball £4 each. For kids, soft bounce, retains shape for use indoor and out.


Team logo customisation available, for larger orders or logo printing please email for a quote.




PU Grip


We stock a wide variety of colours in stick grip and tape.


Karakal PU Super Grip


Introduced over 28 years ago,  but now with an improved PU surface the Karakal PU Super Grip remains the No.1 PU Grip. Adding 'Nano' sized particles at a molecular level has greatly improved durability, gripping power and comfort.








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